Oh! Far in the woods lay St Fredrick's town

Secluded within the trees

Only one road connected it to the world

Only one crack to let in the breeze

But the people were happy,

They liked it that way

Until The St Fredrick's town monster came

Of course they were happy, (Until that fateful day)

The day started out warm,

With bumblebees humming

The voices of children

The butterflies fluttering

The mayor stepped from his door

And gazed from his mansion

"Ahh, yes" said he

The air was fresh, (But soon to be rancid)

And Oh! From the foul depths of Hell

There rose a creature, black as coal

And fire in its eyes

The talons on its fingers could rip through human soul

Its breath could melt the skin

Like swords of steel were its claws

It did not care who it harassed

It ate its victims raw

The demon's name was Malzoth

A young one in its prime

His cold, black heart had waited

And now it was his time

It rampaged through the forest

Tearing through the underbrush

It sped on through the trees

Leaving a cloud of dust

It reached the town at half-past six

The mayor's blood was churning

He watched in horror as Malzoth spread his wings,

He watched as the town was burning

The creature turned its massive head

And targeted its gaze

At a fearful, shaking mayor

And swiftly set the estate ablaze

The mayor fled, writhing in fear

As Malzoth chased him 'round the bend

The mayor shouted, but no help came

And then, after a short gust of flame, the mayor met his end

The demon laughed at the rest of the town

The policemen had been put to shame

The survivors had given up all for lost

When Lo! An angel came!

A mighty paladin of gold

With armor and sword shining bright

The demon turned to face his foe

At last! Someone to challenge his might!

The titans clashed, their faces firm

Their teeth clenched in pain

Locked in combat, fierce they fought

Only one would remain

Then at last, the beast gave in

It fell to the ground to die

And then it drifted back to Hell

Where all the demons lie

And the citizens of St Fredrick's town

Have never been the same

Since that fateful morning

When the evil beast was slain

-Blaise Kohler